Metal Sheets Roofing

While metal roofing has been popular for decades with agricultural and industrial buildings, in recent years metal roofing has become the roofing material of choice within the architectural community for residential homes.

Home Town Roofing Inc offers metal roofing as a solution for durable and safe living.  This type of roof can stand up to the elements, including wind and rain, and is a non-combustible roofing choice. Our metal roofing products are Building Code approved, conforming to some of the strictest code requirements in the nation!

Metal roofs have many advantages over other roofs of different materials. They are durable, install neatly, are lightweight, fire resistant and available in several design patterns and colors.

There are many types of materials used for metal roofs including; copper, steal, galvalume and aluminum. However, there are three main types of metal roofs:

Standing Seam Panel

This uses flat sheets of metal (copper, aluminum, stainless steel) joined with raised seams. The joints are locked together, and the edges are folded back over, creating a watertight seal. The metal comes in rolled form and cut to the measurements of the roof. This is one of the oldest roofing systems in use, and its installation requires the skills of professional roofing technicians.

Metal Resembling Tile or Shingles

These are metal panels designed to replicate the look of tile or shingle made from other materials. They can look like composition, wood, cedar, slate or ceramic tile. They also can paint the shingles to suit your design preferences.

Corrugated Metal

Mostly used in industrial and agricultural applications.
A metal roof is a lifetime investment — The service life of a metal roof can go beyond 50 years. Furthermore, there are numerous colors and styles to consider. Metal roofs can compliment the architecture and décor of your home.

Advantages to Metal Roofs

Longevity:  A properly installed metal roof can last for years. Maintenance is low, and the roof system simply requires keeping debris off the surface.

Weight:  Metal roofing materials are significantly lighter than other roofing materials. Because of this, in cases,  where the homeowner wants to upgrade from a shingle roof to a tile roof. The homeowner can opt for a metal roof that simulates tile instead. Typically, the upgrade from shingle to tile involves a structural evaluation to determine that the homes structure can support the additional weight of tile.

Fireproof:  There are no worries here, as the metal roof system is the safest of all roof systems from a fire-resistant standpoint.

Recyclable:  Metal roofs are completely recyclable. The old roofing material can be used repeatedly in different applications.

Metal Roofs Durability: A metal roof is one of the most durable roofing materials available. Some metal roofs are capable of withstanding wind over 150 miles per hour. Metal roofs resist corrosion, are impact-resistant and do not crack over time or due to the weather. This is ideal for homes and building that experience harsh weather conditions.

Additionally, metal roofing generally does not need costly maintenance throughout the year. Metal roofs should still be inspected every so often to ensure repairs are not needed. Over time, they may require slight repairs, which is not a problem for a professional roofing technician to handle. When it comes to durability, nothing beats a metal roof. If you are building a new home or looking to replace and old roof, consider a metal roof system. It has a unique look, is durable and cost-effective.

Cost Efficiency:  Although the initial cost for a metal roof is higher than most other roofs, its durability makes it a cost-effective option. Compare the savings of time, money, and effort of installing a metal roof once versus replacing an asphalt shingle roof every 10 to 20 years. In the hot  summers, metal roofs can also help keep energy bills low by reflecting heat, therefore reducing cooling costs. If you’re looking for a durable residential roofing material that offers superior style and durability and is a smart investment for your home, then metal roofing is likely for you.

Energy Efficient:  Many residential metal roofs now utilize reflective pigment technology, which results in overall home energy efficiency, and lower utility bills. Metal roofs can reduce your energy bill by up to 30%.

Weather Resistant :  Metal roofs are fire resistant and hold up well in storms and heavy winds.

Environmentally Friendly :  All metal roofs are made from 30 to 60 percent recycled material resulting in a reduction of landfill waste.

Appearance:  There is an endless choice of roof colors and style options. Residential metal roofs are available in a wide variety of designs to complement any style home.

Cost:  Because of metal’s fire resistance, home buyers in almost 20 states can receive up to a 35% discount on their insurance premiums. Additionally, metal roofing can save up to 40% in annual energy costs, and some systems qualify for Federal Energy Tax Credits.